Age Verification

Age Verification

The products we sell are age restricted. To make sure we are complying with all relevant legislation, we must age verify all our customers. You must be at least 18 years of age to use our site or purchase from us. By making a purchase with SpaceInvapers Limited, you are agreeing to allow us to confirm your age with

We use's age verification software. Once you have placed an order with us, checks the details you have provided to us against several publicly available sources including a driving license database and the electoral roll. If can confirm that you are over 18, your order will be dispatched and you will not be verified again in the future as we store a checkmark against your account that you've been successfully verified.

If for any reason, such as a recent change of address or name change, is not able to confirm your age, you may be asked via email to self-verify on the website. You can use your UK Drivers License, UK Content-Unlocked Mobile Phone, Electoral Roll details or Credit Card. As with the automatic verification, once this is done once it will not need to be done again.

What happens with your personal data?

AgeChecked do not store or use your personal data - it is simply passed through their system and processed, never saved or logged. Once you have been verified through this process and have set up an account with us, you will not be asked to verify your age again.

For any queries:

Please contact us for any questions regarding the age verification process. You can also visit's site to find out more about their software.