Crazy Wire - Stainless Steel

Crazy Wire - Stainless Steel

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Chromium-Nickel-Carbon (CrNiC) Vape Wire by Crazy Wire

  Stainless Steel is composed of Chromium-Nickel-Carbon and is a highly functional metal as it can be used for both wattage mode and temperature control (if the mod supports it). 316L Stainless Steel is a Medical Grade metal that is widely growing in popularity and quickly becoming the go-to wire for temperature control devices.   Since Stainless Steel is still relatively new on the market, older mods may not have a temperature coefficient setting programmed to handle temperature control properly. Some mods offer a custom TCR mode, in which case you could use Stainless Steel coils in Temperature Control mode as long as you set the Temperature Coefficient properly.   In comparison to Titanium, Stainless Steel feels much stronger and is easier to work with. The malleable features of Stainless Steel allow for easier building with minimal springiness. Stainless Steel is readily available and is also cheaper than Titanium.   If you suffer from a Nickel allergy, you may want to consider Kanthal as it is made from Iron-Chromium-Aluminium and does not contain Nickel.

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